Each clear wine is tasted, then destined, according to its personality, to join in the blending of a Brut Réserve, Prestige Rosé, Brut vintage or a Comtes de Champagne if the year is remarkable – or else to become a “reserve wine”… The art of blending is in effect to marry wines of different varieties, crus and years - to create a wine that is superior to the sum of the wines that compose it - all the while maintaining the identity and style of the House. It is only through experience in tasting, knowledge of the terroirs, and a certain element of creativity that may one conceive of these champagnes and of their future evolution. Once the blending is finished the resulting wine is bottled with a liqueur composed of yeasts and sugar. The bottles descend into the cellars for a second fermentation called the prise de mousse, which will give birth to the effervescence of the wine the moment the bottle is opened.