National selection final:
- All participants in the national final receive a Jeroboam of Taittinger champagne.
- The winner of the selection final is given a place in the international competition in Paris, a Methuselah of Taittinger Champagne and a cheque for 2 400 euros.

The finalists of the International Competition in Paris receive:
- Second prize winner:A cup and a cheque for 4 800 euros.
- Third prize winner:A cup and acheque for 2 500 euros.

The Winner of the International Competition in Paris receives:
- The cup of the winners, engraved with the names of all the previous winners. It is presented later at areceptionprepared for the press by the winner which includes the dish by which he won the competition.
- The “Prix Culinaire International Pierre Taittinger” medal bearing the effigy of Pierre Taittinger and created by the sculptor Paul Belmondo.
- A cheque for 10 000 euros.

Complete set of rules of participation contained in the downloadable file.