The Statue of the Beau Dieu

Over the course of the extensive bombardments it suffered throughout the first World War, the Reims Cathedral lost several of its statues. At the time, many fragments of these “stone treasures” were collected around the site of the damaged Cathedral and used for its restoration. Over the great door on the northern wing of the Cathedral, the statue of the "Beau Dieu", which was decapitated in 1915, has been reunited with its head in 2004. It was after being interviewed for a documentary film on Gothic cathedrals by the television channel Arte that the idea of reconstituting the face of the Beau Dieu came to Claude Taittinger.
The particularly interesting aspect of this restoration comes from the idea that for so long, representations of God were forbidden in monotheistic religions. Until the 10th century, the presence of the “Creator” was purely evoked through symbols. Defying the rules of the time, the sculptors of the Reims Cathedral dared to lend traits of youth and harmony to their sculpture of God. The DRAC of Champagne-Ardenne conferred the mission of restoring the original beauty of the statue to sculptor Léandro Berra, trained at the Fine Arts schools of Buenos Aires and Paris. He worked with a block of Courville stone, the stone that was used by the master-builders of Reims Cathedral. It was thus that the Beau Dieu was reunited with his face from the 13th century.